Open letter

Dear Shareholders, Customers and Partners

I would like to extend our warmest greetings on behalf of Everland Group Joint Stock Company!

Over a decade-long journey, with a long-term vision, flexible strategy, and restless efforts, Everland Group has steadily grown in scale and potential, constantly improving management capacity, creating sustainable values, and gradually affirming its position as a prestigious multi-sector corporation in Vietnam.

The Everland Group operates in three core business segments: real estate, construction, and trading - services. The Group's main business is real estate, with numerous projects and works spread across the country. Construction is the Group's traditional segment, owing to its extensive experience and advantages as a professional real estate developer. Trading - services is the driving force associated with real estate and construction, bringing dynamic growth while also contributing to resource optimization and increasing the Group's business efficiency. The coherence and interaction between Everland Group's three core segments has laid a solid foundation for its growth.

Everland Group prioritizes safety and sustainability in its development strategy. The Group's investment and business activities are carried out in accordance with industry standards and within the legal framework, with the preservation and sustainable exploitation of historical and cultural values, the environmental protection, and the alignment of investor, state, and community interests in mind. This has been the Group's guiding principle since its inception and will determine its future success.

Proud of the achieved results and the belief and aspiration to rise to further height, the management and employees of Everland Group are continuing to innovate and dedicate themselves to realizing development goals, creating breakthroughs and setting new milestones in the Group's next journey.

Through a sustainable development strategy, Everland Group is committed to being a reliable and responsible investor and partner, always cooperating and sharing benefits with Shareholders, Customers, and Partners; carrying out social responsibility and spreading good values in the community; and making great contributions to the country's development.

Sincerely thank!


By 2030, Everland will be a reputable multi-sector corporation in Vietnam, with strong financial resources, a professional workforce, cutting-edge business and management systems, and top-notch IT applications.


To be a pioneer in sustainable real estate development; to keep up with the latest construction, architecture, landscape, and tourism trends; to create modern, distinctive, convenient, and environmentally friendly projects and works; and to provide premium living, relaxation, and entertainment spaces for tourists and the community.


Culture: "Collaboration for development"
Spirit: "Creativity and dedication"
Action: "Effective and Safe"
Product: "Customer's Trust"

Business philosophy

Business philosophy

With the philosophy of "Different to succeed", Everland Group always upholds creativity and innovation in thinking, action, strategy and business solutions to make a difference and uniqueness. Consider differentiating factors in products, services, strategies and business solutions as a competitive weapon in the market and the secret of the Group's success.

Upholding the principle of “Resonating values, sharing benefits”, Everland Group constantly strives to create sustainable values for businesses, shareholders, society and the community. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with partners to resonate values and share benefits, bring perfect products and services to customers, for the future development of the community, society and the country.