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General Rules

The website http://everland.vn is an electronic information site that publishes and stores Everland Group (EVG) information, documents, and digitized resources, including but not limited to newsletters, articles, announcements, prospectuses, images, audio files, video clips, digital publications, and any other material.

By accessing this Website, you (the user) are deemed to have understood and agreed to comply with the following provisions relating to the access and use of information on the Website http://everland.vn.

Intellectual property rights

The website http://everland.vn and all content posted and stored on it are owned by EVG and are protected by intellectual property rights under current law.

Without prior written permission from EVG, any act of copying, quoting, modifying, sharing, publishing, duplicating, or exploiting information contained on this Website in any form for commercial purposes is considered an infringement of intellectual property rights. EVG reserves the right to request the user to stop infringing acts and compensate for damages in accordance with the law.

EVG's rights and responsibilities

EVG is responsible for ensuring the legality of the content provided to users on the website. All information, documents, and digital resources posted and stored on the Website http://everland.vn are legal and in accordance with Vietnam's fine customs and traditions.

EVG reserves the right to change or remove the contents and features of a portion or the entire Website http://everland.vn without prior notice to the user.

EVG reserves the right to take all necessary legal and technical precautions to prevent unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction of the Website http://everland.vn and/or the content posted and maintained on it at any time.

User Rights and Responsibilities

EVG allows the user to read, view, quote, print, download, forward, or share the information posted and stored on the Website http://everland.vn, but only for personal and non-commercial use, as long as the source is fully and clearly cited so that EVG's intellectual property rights are not infringed.

The user must comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using the Website http://everland.vn; they must not interfere with or affect the use of the Website by other users; and they must not interfere with the operation and management of EVG's Website.


EVG expressly disclaims liability for: (ii) any damages, losses, or risks resulting from the exploitation and use of information on the Website http://everland.vn that has not been thoroughly researched and verified by any means permitted by law and provided for by these terms and conditions; (ii) damage caused by information on the Website, interruption or restriction of information transmission on the Website, website information resources are damaged by viruses, data theft, or force majeure events; (iii) any damage caused by no fault of EVG to the party logging in and using the information on the Website; (iv) damage caused by using information for purposes that are not suitable for authorized purposes, breaking the law, ignoring warnings, or infringing on the interests of related parties.

Amendment of Terms of Use

EVG reserves the right to unilaterally amend and adjust these Terms of Use at any time by updating them on the Website, with no obligation to notify the user in advance. By continuing to access this Website content after the Terms of Use have been amended, it is assumed that you have accepted and agreed to abide by EVG's revised and updated Terms of Use.