Everland Group's top priority is always to develop a high-quality, dynamic, creative, disciplined, and passionate team. To achieve this goal, the Group has adopted a variety of flexible policies ranging from recruitment, training, and remuneration to the development of a rich corporate culture and a professional and friendly working environment that brings people together.

Recruitment Policy

Along with the expansion of the Group's and its member companies' business scale and field of operation, the Group's and its member companies' human resources are also constantly developing to meet the job requirements for the coming period.

Personnel working at Everland Group must not only have professional knowledge, skills, and solid experience, but also have a strong sense of discipline and a serious attitude toward work, particularly the ability to quickly adapt to market changes and technological advancements in the Industry 4.0 era.

In order to develop high-quality human resources, Everland Group has adopted a flexible recruitment policy and an attractive remuneration regime to ensure competitiveness in attracting talents. To keep up with changes in the labor and employment markets, recruitment processes and regulations are constantly reviewed, renewed, and improved.

The Group's recruitment plan is planned according to short-term and long-term goals, based on the recruitment principle of Transparency - Fairness - Equality for all job positions and all candidates, in accordance with its business plan and operational needs.

Training Policy

Everland Group regularly launches training and professional development programs to improve the qualifications of all employees, with a focus on developing and improving the quality of human resources.

The training programs are meticulously designed, including orientation and integration training for new employees, training and retraining to improve employees' knowledge and skills, and training on Group products and services so that each officer and employee truly becomes an ambassador to promote Everland's image and brand to customers and partners.

Furthermore, Everland Group places a strong emphasis on identifying, training, and developing the next generation of key management personnel to support the Group's long-term development strategy, as well as providing all opportunities for young capable people to express their full potential, contribute, and advance in their careers.

Everland also conducts a quarterly survey to evaluate the Group's personnel quality and training needs, which serves as a foundation for developing and proposing a promotion path for employees with exceptional abilities and significant contributions.

Everland Group is gradually improving the efficiency of human resources, attracting and retaining talented people, and improving and promoting the Group's employer brand on the market through comprehensive training programs.

Welfare Regime

In the labor market, Everland is currently implementing a fairly diverse and competitive welfare regime.

Employees at the Group are entitled to receive salaries and bonuses in accordance with the Group's Emulation and Reward Regulations, which include extraordinary rewards for employees with outstanding achievements, performance-based year-end bonuses, holidays and Tet bonuses, among others.

To promote fairness and equality among employees, as well as healthy competition, remuneration policies are designed and adjusted flexibly based on each individual's contribution capacity and rank.

Furthermore, the Group has implemented numerous additional welfare programs and special incentives for officers and employees to benefit from Everland's own ecosystem of products and services in order to help them feel secure at work, boost productivity, and enjoy health care for themselves and their families.