Xuan Dai Bay Commercial Service and Tourist Resort Complex is located at the entrance to the Xuan Dai Bay National Relic, one of Vietnam's most beautiful bays that has been described as a "sleeping paradise" waiting to be awakened. Leaning against the mountain and facing the bay at an altitude of 90-120m above sea level, the resort complex offers visitors a panoramic view of the bay and natural attractions such as Hon Gio, Bai Om, Ganh Do, and Ganh Da Dia. With the goal of respecting and preserving nature, taking advantage of the terrain, landscape, and indigenous cultural values, Xuan Dai Bay Commercial Service and Tourist Resort Complex is designed to simulate the scene of an Asian fishing village, with luxury resort villas and bungalows halfway up the mountain, shophouse quarter, swimming pool, 360-degree view restaurant, and a 4-star, 9- story, 220-room hotel, as well as numerous utilities such as water park, garden, promenade and beach. When completed, Xuan Dai Bay Commercial Service and Tourist Resort Complex, together with Crystal Holidays Marina Phu Yen, will form an all-inclusive, unique 4 to 6-star resort cluster in Phu Yen, meeting the diverse needs of domestic and foreign tourists for relaxation and entertainment.



Location: Xuan Dai ward, Song Cau town, Phu Yen province.

Total area: 7.32 ha

Total investment capital: 786 billion VND

Commencement: April 2021



4-star hotel

Resort villas

Mountain bungalows


Outdoor swimming pool

360-degree view restaurant

Water park


Coastal promenade



Premium accommodation and relaxation with 220 hotel rooms and a variety of luxury resort villas.

Shopping and food street

Outdoor space for entertainment, recreation and relaxation

other projects

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